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How to Safely Remove Bug Splatter from Your Car

Bug splatter on the front of your car is unavoidable, especially during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, if left uncleaned, it can do a lot of damage to your vehicle’s finish. While you can’t prevent bugs from flying into your windshield, there are steps you can take to deal with the problem.

Why Remove Bug Stains Quickly 

The longer you wait to clean bug stains, the more difficult it becomes to remove them and the more damage is done. Bug splatter is acidic and can eat away your car’s paint, leaving behind pockmarks. In addition, bacteria grows on the dead bugs, which eats away at your paint.

The seriousness of the problem often depends on the type of bug. Some have hard shells that can chip your paint, while others are filled with gross innards that splatter and can etch into the paint if left on for too long. The hotter the temperatures outside, the more likely damage is to occur, and the more important it is to deal with the problem immediately.

3-Step Process 

Step 1 - Pre-Wash and Dry Your Car

Start by washing your car. Although this won’t remove all the bug splatter from your finish, it’s always a good practice to pre-wash any surface with soap and water that you’re going to treat. 

Bug splatter

Step 2 - Remove Any Leftover Stains With Bug Remover

If there are still bug stains on your car, don’t worry! There are products designed to deal with this issue. Spray any leftover bug stains with your bug remover until they are fully saturated and allow your cleaner to soak for at least 30 seconds. This gives the formula enough time to break down these acidic bug guts and remove them completely from the surface of your car. Then, sponge, wipe, or scrub gently and follow it up with a water rinse. Repeat this process if necessary. 

Step 3 - Protect the Vehicle

By now you should have all of the bug stains removed from your car exterior. But you’re not done yet! Now you need to give your car a fresh protective coating to replace any finish you stripped away during the cleaning process. (Note: Some products don’t strip wax from the vehicle, such as Bug Off).

Applying a protective coating will also make it easier to clean bug stains from your car in the future, creating a barrier between the bugs and your car’s painted surfaces.

These Products Can Help

Bug splatter

Bug Off 

Bug off is a bug remover product that can help you to get rid of bug splatter safely and quickly. Its neutral PH makes this product safe for all surfaces. Even better, it won’t strip the wax from the vehicle. 

Mitt on a Stick Bug Scrubber 

This cover is for more aggressive cleaning and scrubbing. Great for large vehicles like boats, RVs, and planes. The mesh material is gentle but attacks bug residue and other caked-on debris. The cover is removable, changeable, and launderable. It fully wraps around the foam head and snaps together firmly on the tool.

Apex Nano Coat

If you’re looking for a deep wet finish that will protect and beautify your vehicle, this is the product! Easy to use yet powerful, protecting your finish for 4-6 months. This product can be used in the full sun and will not streak or smear.

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