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Wash Monster Microfiber Wash Pad

SHFT Auto Care

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The Wash Monster Car Wash Pad is made from an extra long pile microfiber material. At 10" x 8" square you can place the pad firmly between your hand and the car surface insuring that you apply the proper pressure for safe and effective washing. 

Featuring an opening at one end so that the inner foam can be removed giving you the ability to use the pad with no foam for a thin and flexible pad or add up to 3 sheets of foam to make a thick wash sponge able to hold maximum suds. Can remove foam sheets for laundering as well.  

Don't confuse this microfiber car wash hand mitt with other similar looking products. Ours features two different lengths and densities of fibers not just two different colors.  The shorter, more dense, white fibers expand and hold the suds while the longer green fibers gently agitate and remove dirt and grit on the car surface. 

When you are done blast the microfiber hand mitt with your hose or pressure washer to remove any residue that is left behind, wash as mentioned above if necessary.  

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